Logo Design

Logo Design

We love to design Logo’s…

The Little Design Studio combines a broad experience base and an eye for innovative, eye-catching design, and puts it to work for your organisation. Whether you need a logo to headline your brand, or need a beginning-to-end branding solution, we can pull it all together for you. Every business is unique with its own achievements, aims and challenges. We like to capture those aspects of your company too.

Our clients come first.

We make sure we deliver everything you want by finding out what you really need. Each project starts with a chat, sketch pad and a lot of research to make sure we get it right. The end result is a visual concept that communicates the vibrancy of your business to your customers.

What your logo means to you, and to your customers…

The Little Design Studio knows how to transform a logo into a complete brand. We can help you address all aspects of your branding, from print costs to marketing, and the subconscious reactions of your customers. Your logo is the heart of your brand, and it will affect all aspects of your interactions with your clients. In the marketplace, image is everything. Your logo is the cornerstone of your image, and the first thing a customer thinks of when you come to mind. It represents your business in everything. It should be the face of a broader corporate identity, of your brand, and as such it needs to be recognisable and consistent across all of your products and services.

The Little Design Studio can help you explore your options, and make it all work for you.

What format will my logo be in?

Your logo will be created as a vector package, meaning that it can be scaled to nearly any degree without suffering distortion or pixilation. This is very important, as it means your logo will look great whether it’s on a business card or a billboard without having to be re-worked.

Your final logo design will be delivered in several file formats suitable for print or the web, including ai, eps, gif, jpeg, png, tiff and swf, or any others you may require. If you need versions of your logo at specific sizes, we provide them without further charge. Black and white versions, monograms and alternate colour schemes can also be arranged as needed.

Have a look at some of our favourite logo work so far.

We’ve produced a wide variety of original logo designs for some very diverse clients. Our logo design portfolio includes some of the most successful and most enjoyable to work on. We never use clip art, and each design is truly unique. This should give you an idea of the kind of work that we do.

Take a look at some of our work or read our testimonials.

If you are thinking about a re brand or starting from scratch take a look at the link below.

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